Anthony Fielding (antfie)

Anthony is a cyber security consultant (AKA ethical hacker, penetration tester), with a software engineering background. He specialises in DevSecOps to empower teams to take ownership of the security of their products early in the development process. He does this by delivering training and through security consultancy. He is available for hire to undertake security assessments, consultancy and contracting opportunities.

  1. Blinded by the Tooling

    March 28, 2019

    DevSecOps (also referred to as shifting-left) is the practice of training and empowering the engineering team to identify and fix security defects earlier in the development process. Typically security assessments (penetration tests) are performed just before a code release is due to be deployed into production. This is not very agile and any serious issues found can disrupt delivery roadmaps. By adopting DevSecOps fewer issues are expected to be found during regular security assessments, meaning any remedial work should be easier and cheaper to implement. If your organisation is pursuing DevSecOps, great stuff.

  2. Super Easy Dockerised WordPress

    February 1, 2015

    After finding that the official WordPress Docker container is broken (PHP errors here and there in the dashboard) I decided to create my own and to share it with you, along with instructions on how to containerise your data so it persists. In this simple, step-by-step walk-through we will create the following 4 Docker containers: One for your WordPress database so it persists across container instances (unless you delete it of course!