Hire Anthony

Anthony is available for hire to carry out security assessments, deliver training or for contracting opportunities.

Anthony is based in Manchester, UK.

Why Anthony?

  • An infectious passion for cyber security
  • Hard working
  • All-round nice-guy
  • Fully insured and compliant, trading under Orbital 3 Limited

Curriculum Vitae

His current CV can be downloaded from here. You can also view his CV on LinkedIn. A summary of his CV can be found in the sections below.




Giving Back


Anthony is considering only Manchester-based or fully remote contract opportunities at this time. The following are compatible roles:

  • DevSecOps consultant - upgrading security capabilities of teams, shift-left transformation, secure development training.
  • Security consultant / security assurance / penetration testing - web applications, APIs, infrastructure.

CV Policy

It is Anthony’s policy to supply the CVs in PDF format only. Modifications are prohibited. Anthony has spent a lot of time and energy creating these to perfectly sell his skills and abilities. If Anthony has agreed to be represented by you for opportunities within the last 60 days, he will honour your exclusive representation of those agreed opportunities and ensure you are not cut out. Otherwise he reserves the right to deal with the client directly. By using the CVs on this site you agree to this policy.

PGP Public Key

You can communicate with Anthony securely using PGP with his public key.

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